A Room of Her Own: Rei Naito and Light

あえかなる部屋 内藤礼と、光たち

Directed by: Yuko Nakamura
2015 / 87 minutes / Unclassified all ages

Water, light and five women enveloped in Rei Naito’s world

An artist shrouded in mystery, Rei Naito reminds us of the faint presence of things that are not visible unless we make the effort to see them. The elusive artist refuses to be filmed on camera, and after two years of correspondence, this documentary attempts to get close to the essence of Naito’s art, without pointing the camera at the artist herself.

The story involves the dynamism of the pulsating space of Matrix, an immersive artwork constructed in collaboration with SANAA architect Ryue Nishizawa at the Teshima Art Museum. Five women who are enticed by the world of Naito’s art also feature in the documentary, as they visit the installation. The result is the birth of a new art documentary reminiscent of a deep prayer, with many intangible and tangible things weaved into the story.

Audience warning: Contains sensitive content regarding description of a car accident

Saturday 25th June

Palace Verona, Sydney

Sunday 26th June

Palace Central Sydney, Sydney

Screens in: Sydney

Director: Yuko Nakamura

Cast: Rei Naito, Ran Taniguchi, Hina Yukawa, Keiko Oyama, Nobuko Numakura and Kyoko Tanaka

Genre: Documentary

Language(s): English and Japanese with English subtitles