Architecture, Time and Kazuyo Sejima


Directed by: Takashi Homma
2020 / 60 minutes / Unclassified all ages

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“It is truly a ‘park’ on a hilltop where anyone can stop by and enjoy a good view.”

This documentary follows the making of Kazuyo Sejima’s (SANAA) architectural masterpiece, a new building for the Osaka University of Arts’ Department of Art Science. Inspired by the flexible collaboration of art, science and technology, the project, which was completed in three and a half years, led to an organic form that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Sejima’s vision of a park-like building was designed to act as a place for exchange and encouraging interactions between each other and the space’s surroundings. Directed by Takashi Homma, a photographer who has shot architectural works by the likes of Le Corbusier and Kenzō Tange, the film vividly depicts Sejima’s approach to architecture.


Saturday 25th June

Palace Verona, Sydney

Sunday 26th June

Palace Central Sydney, Sydney

Screens in: Sydney

Director: Takashi Homma

Cast: Kazuyo Sejima, Sumitaka Tanase, Takayuki Furuya and Naoya Harada

Genre: Documentary

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles